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Recite or Relate by Carol Hamilton Have you ever been to a piano recital and noticed the student who has all the technique mastered? Her fingers arched, back straight, she strokes each key with precision and doesn’t miss a note, … Continue reading

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By Crystal Hayduk Perusing the variety of notebooks and journals on display in the office supplies section of the drugstore, I wondered which type of blank paper would best meet my daughter Jessica’s needs. Jessica had taken her three-week-old daughter … Continue reading

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Creating A Leading Character

By Patricia L. Stebelton “You don’t like my heroine? Why not?” I was stunned and more than a little insulted when one of my ‘readers’ (invaluable people who read and edit stories before they are submitted) told me this. After … Continue reading

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No Rights Reserved

  By Bonnie Rose Hudson As writers, we get our ideas from everywhere—the supermarket, a conversation with a friend, from a headline we read. As writers who believe in Christ, we know that all our good ideas ultimately come from … Continue reading

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Dances With Verbs

by Susan Boltz For years, I hated my writing because I didn’t like how my words sounded when I read them aloud. I searched for my voice and yearned for my writing to sparkle with my point glowing in neon. … Continue reading

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Making sense of life: One goal of a personal essay

by Rick Nowlin The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the newspaper where I’ve worked for over 17 years, runs a weekly column called “Saturday Diary” for which staff members are encouraged to write personal essays on topics they choose. Over the past few years I’ve … Continue reading

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The ‘What If’ game for writers

by Patricia L. Stebelton As kids, we act out our favorite action and make-believe characters. We give these ‘imaginary identities’ amazing adventures. When we grow up we usually leave them behind and live responsible lives as accountants, engineers, teachers . … Continue reading

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A Chat with Joyce Ellis

by Susan Reith Swan   I was given the delightful assignment of interviewing Joyce Ellis. SDCWC is blessed to have her on our faculty this year to teach nonfiction writing. I’m looking forward to meeting her and learning from her. … Continue reading

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