Important info

Dress is casual for most of the week, but more formal for the Saturday evening awards program. Since the western Pennsylvania climate is wildly unpredictable, you should be prepared for either hot or cool and rainy weather (and check the weather before packing). Don’t forget to pack a jacket and an umbrella. The Hall of Arts and Letters, where classes will be held, and the Colonial Hall Apartments, where conferees will be housed, are both air-conditioned.

Colonial Hall Apartments building includes two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments. The two-bedroom apartments each contain a single bathroom, while all others have two. Each apartment also includes a kitchen, as well as a washer and dryer.

What to bring
Please bring your own clothes hangers, sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths, bath mat, soap, and toiletries. It’s also a good idea to include lamps for your desk and bedside, a nightlight if needed, a wastebasket, extension cords, and a power strip.

Don’t forget your Bible, notebooks, pens, computer, and whatever else you need to complete your writing assignments. Make sure you have plenty of paper and an extra cartridge for your printer. Don’t panic if you forget something, however, as there are stores within easy driving distance. Both wired and wireless Internet access are available in the apartments and wireless in the classroom building. You will need to bring an ethernet cable with you for wired access in the apartments. The college also allows conferees to use its computer lab during business hours.

Please also bring copies of works which you have had published since last June for the published works table, multiple copies of your published books for the consignment table, manuscripts to show to editors, used books—especially used writing books—for the used books sale, plus an empty tote bag to carry home purchases and freebies. It’s a good idea to bring several copies of any manuscript you plan to share in a critique group. There will be a chance for you to read a short piece of your work aloud as well during our “Got Talent” program. We will be extremely grateful if you also remember to pack a quality item or two for the Great St. Davids Auction. You will find more information about the auction below.

Go to our registration page to sign-up for our conference. Early Bird Pricing ends May 2nd. Conference check-in begins Wednesday, June 21, at 2 p.m. in the lobby of the Colonial Hall Apartments. Commuters may either sign-in at that time or pick up their registration materials between 8:30 and 9 a.m. Thursday through Saturday at the conference bookstore in the Hall of Arts and Letters.

If you are a first-time St. Davids conferee, we welcome you! We have established a contact program we call the Timothy Program for first-time conferees, to help make your life during the conference week a little easier. We try to match you with an experienced writer/conferee (your “Paul”) who shares your writing interests and can answer your questions. If you are new to St. Davids, Anne Murphy will be in touch prior to the conference to connect you with your Paul. If you are a returning conferee who’d like to help someone learn the ropes, please send an e-mail to Janyce Brawn at

The Great St. Davids Auction
One of the highlights of conference week is the Great St. Davids Auction. Everyone has a few unused or lightly used items lying about—the kind of stuff you sell at your backyard garage or tag sale. How about donating one or two or even three of them to us?

We’ll auction them off and the money will finance the good work going on at St. Davids, primarily our scholarship program for those writers who need monetary help to spend the week with us. Auction night is a lot of fun, and, the more participation, the more fun!

Some of the more popular auction items are homemade jellies, gift baskets, and unique services. Those offered in the past have included the critiquing of a manuscript, the designing of a web site, and a Victorian tea. Of course, we are also happy to receive flea-market-type items that are in good shape. So please bring what you can, and join in the fun!

For the most precise directions from your home, you may want to use GPS or a program such as Mapquest or Google Maps. If so, you will need to know that the address for the Colonial Hall Apartments is 135 East Main St., Grove City, PA 16127. Here’s the Google Maps link. Once you reach the college, please park in the lot across the street from the Colonial Hall Apartments. (There is limited parking next to the apartments to unload your vehicle.)

The classrooms are located on the first floor of the Hall of Art and Letters, which is across campus from the Colonial Hall Apartments. We recommend, therefore, that you drive your car from the lot at the apartments to the lot beside the Hall. Meals will be served on the first floor of the Breen Student Union building, which is next door to the Hall of Arts and Letters. Those meals include a salad bar, as well as hot entrees. If you have special food requests or allergies, please let us know when registering and we will try to accommodate.