Each year, St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference sponsors partial and full-time scholarships to our conference.

Scholarship recipients are assigned to assist in areas such as serving snacks, helping at the book table, or running small errands and filling in where volunteers are needed. This gives them an opportunity to network with both the faculty and other attendees. The Scholarship Committee will work with each recipient to match their skills with tasks.

Full Scholarship
Provides a conferee’s tuition plus room and board.

Partial Scholarship
Provides a conferee’s tuition fee only, not room and board. (If you are a commuter, you will still be responsible to pay for the meals portion of the conference fee.)

Kal Marque Scholarship
This is a full scholarship for ordained clergy in full-time ministry or their spouse or children.

All requests for scholarships must be received by April 1. Apply online.