Workshop descriptions

Continuing seminars
Most meet each morning Thursday through Saturday. Choose one and stay with it.

Fiction Writing
Gayle Roper
Gayle is an award-winning author of 40 books and a three-time Christy-award finalist. She will be teaching the techniques of fiction writing including character development, story plotting, realistic dialog and point-of-view. (Thursday-Saturday)

From Concept to Contract
James Watkins
The award-winning author and editor will take you step by step from your initial book concept through signing your book contract. Based on his college textbook, Communicate to Change Lives. (All day Saturday)

Nonfiction Book Writing
Bob Hostetler
The best-selling author will provide four sessions on conceiving, crafting, completing—and selling—the best nonfiction book(s) you have in you. (Thursday-Saturday)

Writing the “Good Poem”
Lora Zill
Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined poetry as “the right words in the right order.” But what makes a “good” poem? Why do some poems grip us with their intensity and others turn us off with abstract ideas? Lora will teach poetic devices and universal ideas to craft the “good poem.” (Thursday-Saturday)

Public speaking for Writers
Carol Hamilton
Publishers are looking for writers who speak as an essential part of their “platform.” Carol will share practical ways to prepare and present an engaging talk for any audience. (Thursday-Saturday)

Afternoon seminars
Note that some are two-part and three-part

Build Your Own Blog (Create it in class!)
Susan Lower
Susan is an experienced blogger who will guide each participant in building their own blog/website during the three class periods. Get a free WordPress account before coming to class. (Three hands-on sessions)

Writing the Book Proposal
Dave Fessenden
Dave will show your the essential elements of a book proposal and the secrets to what makes a publication board take notice.

Writing Devotions
Susan King
The Associate Editor of The Upper Room will teach step by step instructions for writing devotions. (Two parts)

Writing for Hollywood
Zena Dell Lowe
Zena is an award-winning screenwriter and producer who will teach what makes a great movie script. (Three parts)

Writing for the Home School Market
Bonnie Rose Hudson
The editor with School House Teachers will show you the opportunities and markets for curriculum in this growing market.

Creating Your Character Arc
Eva Marie Everson
The award-winning novelist will teach how develop realistic characters who grow through realistic transformation in your short stories and novels. (Two parts)

Do you need an agent?
Linda Glaz
What do they want from me? The ins and outs, shoulds and shouldn’ts from an agent who did it all wrong when she started as an author. Get help to do it all right.

Independent publishing
Reg Forder
More books are self-published each year than produced by traditional book houses. Reg, founder of ACW Press, will show you how to produce your own professionally edited and designed book.


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