Workshop descriptions

Continuing seminars
These meet each morning. Choose one and stay with it Thursday through Saturday.

Children’s Writing
Carol Wedeven (Thursday-Saturday)
The award-winning children’s author will show writers how to see through the eyes of a child, how to write in pictures, how to develop realistic characters, how to organize or plot the book and add power and punch to the writing. Class includes handouts, hands-on, and an aha! or two.

Fiction Writing
Jeanette Windle (Thursday-Saturday)
A fun-filled and hair-raising romp through the author’s own real-life experiences to teach a practical outline for creating a seamless fictional world, peopling that world with living, breathing characters, then interweaving plot lines, character, conflict into a powerful resolution.

From Concept to Contract
Lissa Halls Johnson (All day Saturday)
Lissa will take you step by step from your initial book concept through signing your book contract.

Nonfiction Writing
Bob Hostetler (Thursday-Saturday)
A thorough and practical workshop on all forms of nonfiction writing—what to write, how to write, how to self-edit, how to sell everything you write, etc.

Public speaking for Writers
Carol Hamilton (Thursday-Saturday)
Publishers are looking for writers who speak as an essential part of their “platform.” Carol will share practical ways to prepare and present an engaging talk for any audience.

One-time seminars

Becoming Your Own Publisher
Jim Watkins (Saturday 3:45)
Everyone from Ben Franklin to T.D. Jakes to William Paul Young (The Shack) have successfully self-published their books. Jim will share practical advice for professionally self-publishing your book and how to avoid the scam self-publishers.

Blogging for Busy People
Jessica Johnston (Saturday 3:45)
Do you think you’re too busy to blog? Think again! Quick tips to get your blog up and running and keep it going.

Do you need an agent?
Linda Glaz (Thursday 3:45)
What do they want from me? The ins and outs, shoulds and shouldn’ts from an agent who did it all wrong when she started as an author. Get help to do it all right.

Finding/Starting a Critique Group
Sue Boltz (Thursday 3:45)
Fresh eyes reviewing your work is a key to publishing success. Where do you find them? Who do you trust? What are some guidelines for critiquing etiquette and rules.

Making Money with E-books
Amy Deardon (Friday 3:45)
E-books are the new publishing trend that is here to stay. With just a computer and an internet connection, you can generate impressive passive income by understanding a few basic principles and setting up a plan. This workshop reviews how to find irresistible topics for both fiction and nonfiction, a flexible method to outline your ebook (that you almost certainly have not seen before), tactics to make your ebooks better than the others, and some marketing tips to get great sales.

The Music In Words: How Sound and Rhythm Enhances Our Language
Lora Zill (Saturday 3:45)
Sound and rhythm enriches everything we write: blogs, websites, fiction and nonfiction, not to mention poetry. We’ll look at sound, rhyme, and rhythmic patterns in different genres to discover how we can use them to strengthen our writing.

Poetry for Prose Writers
Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts (Friday 3:45)
The award-winning poet will teach participants effective ways to leverage poetry and poetic language to illuminate their narrative writing.

Prayer in the Life of a Writer
Gloria Pennwell (Saturday 3:45)
You have followed the call from God to write. Whether it is a novel, a Bible Study, an autobiography or whatever, you have sensed God’s call to you. You have followed the call from God to write. Where do you go from here? What do you need to do before you start the writing process? I’ll show you the things you need to do before you even put pen to paper, and then guide you throughout the process.

Writing Bible Studies
Gloria Penwell (Friday 3:45)
Focus on the essentials of presentation, explication, elaboration, and application in writing Bible studies. Find the wide audience of denominations who need small group Bible studies. Learn what AMG is looking for.

Writing the Book Proposal
Dave Fessenden (Friday 3:45)
Dave will show your the essential elements of a book proposal and the secrets to what makes a publication board take notice.

Writing Devotions
Cindy Sproles (Thursday 3:45)
A devotion is your one opportunity to “teach” . . . it has to count. In this class, we’ll learn the old school method of Hook, Book, Look, and Took. We’ll use this to craft a devotion that not only teaches but develops a memorable lesson. Learn to turn your personal experiences into unique teaching parables and write devotions that dig into the heart and make an impact.

Writing Opinion Pieces
Rick Nowlin (Thursday 3:45)
Rick’s letters to the editor and op-ed pieces have appeared in local papers as well as the Atlanta Constitution, New York Times, Time and Newsweek. He will demonstrate how to write opinion pieces that not only make a point but get noticed.

Writing with Humor
Joanne Brokaw (Friday 3:45)
Humor is a scientifically proven way to increase attention, retention and comprehension and make the author more “likeable.” What more could you possibly want?!

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