From closing session . . .

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Thanks to Marcia Gunnett Woodard for her prayer at the closing session:

      Prayer of Gratitude and Consecration

      Father of Lights,
      Giver of all good gifts,
      I thank You for the gifts You’ve given me.
      The unique blend
      Of talents and abilities,
      Interests and passions,
      That combined, make me
      My own unique self.

      Sometimes, Lord,
      I have mixed feelings
      About the role You’ve given me—
      One moment overjoyed
      At the challenge before me,
      The next, petrified,
      Certain that I will never accomplish
      My mission.

      Help me always to remember
      That just as the mission came from You,
      So, too, will come
      The grace,
      The strength,
      The ability,
      To run the course,
      The race You have set for me.

      Help me to recall
      That in success or failure,
      Fame or obscurity,
      Praise or criticism,
      It is not my aim to please those around me,
      But to glorify You.

      And to this purpose
      I will exercise all the abilities I have,
      With all the strength I have,
      For all the days I have—
      Walking through each door You open,
      Until the moment You open the door
      That leads
      Into Your presence
      And I hear You say,
      “Well done.”

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