God has something great planned

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I am so excited about the 2015 St. Davids Christian Writers Conference which begins with registration Wednesday afternoon.

The board has been praying and fasting for the faculty and conferees for a year now.

• For faculty members as their prepare keynote talks and seminars.

• For safe travel for board (traveling Tuesday), faculty and conferees.

• For every keynote and seminar that conferees will learn how to communicate God’s Word with their words.

• And most of all, for lives to be changed whether writers or those who read their words.

God has something great planned! So as you come by car, plane, train or other mode, use your travel time to pray that God’s Spirit is upon everything from the time we leave our homes until we arrive back home.

Helpful links
Google map to Grove City
Campus map
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See you soon!
Jim Watkins
Director of programming