Guidelines for Guest Blogging

A successful guest blogger for St. Davids will write an article that is useful. Is there something about your journey as a writer that has taken extra effort to master, conquer or move beyond? Is there something you’ve got down pat that others may be struggling with? Do you know a secret that we need to know?

Readers want a takeaway. When they click away to another site, we want them to take something with them – a bit of information or direction that they can put into action.

Length and Style:
So, how long do we want your article to be? Well, you don’t have to write your book here. A well-written 400- to 1,000-word article is a nice size for imparting information without asking our visitors to camp out for the afternoon. Apparently a poorly written 400-word article doesn’t get more traction than a fascinating 995 word article just because it’s short. Fascinate us, and use this guideline to be comfortable in your own writing style.

Your article must be original content – not something you’ve already posted elsewhere. You are welcome to do a fresh perspective on a previously covered topic, but it must be original as submitted to our site. We retain online rights to the article for 4 months from the date of publication.

Include a picture, if possible. You can find free images at Just be sure to include the credit information. If you don’t submit a photo, we will attempt to include one. An image improves your article’s traffic and we use it to “Pin” your article on our Pinterest board.

The thing about links:
Please include a link to your website, blog, or social media site in your bio. We want people to be able to be fascinated by you, find you, and follow you. Include fantastic links in your article, but no spammy links, please. They will be removed.

Promote your article:
We’ll link and tweet and share your article, and we ask that you do the same. Stop back and visit at least twice to make sure there aren’t questions in the comments that require your response. Stop by our Facebook page and leave a comment or wave at our followers, retweet our gushes over you, and be a partner with us in getting as much traffic to your post as we can.

Submit a short bio:
Send us a short bio about yourself along with your article. This should be approximately 50 words and include a picture. If you are stumped about how to describe yourself, you aren’t alone. A short Google search can get you on your way.

Last, please use a spellchecker, and that wonderful proofreading process of reading your article out loud before submitting. We try to catch typos and errors before publishing your article, but if Linda, the resident proofreading guru, is on vacation… well, mistakes can be made.

Links you may find helpful in writing your bio: 5 Tips for a Stellar Guest Blog Bio
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