Interview with Faculty Member: Carol Hamilton

Interview with Faculty Member: Carol Hamilton

by Linda M. Au

What types of writers will benefit from your class on public speaking? What stage of their careers might they be in?

Writers have a message to share. Public speaking gives them another avenue to proclaim the words God has put on their hearts.

Editors prefer authors with the desire and ability to promote and sell their books. Improving public speaking skills will benefit published authors by helping them share their message and sell more books. Writers who strive toward publication can develop a platform which will make them more appealing to editors.

Who needs to know how to speak in public? Writers tend to be introverted, so public speaking may be difficult for some of us. Why can’t we just sit behind our keyboards and write?

Publishing houses don’t have the funding to heavily promote the books they publish. They rely on their authors. I understand introverts and have tricks to help them feel more comfortable presenting to an audience.

You always seem so self-confident and full of poise when you speak. Must we be born with these traits to succeed as you do, or can some of this be learned?

What a nice compliment, Linda. Thank you! I’m always nervous before I speak. I use that adrenaline for extra vigor during the presentation. Usually I tell God I prefer to stay home, but that I will share the message He has for me, for His glory, and I ask Him to guide and help me. He gives me confidence through Christ.

Some world-class professionals say if they stop being nervous before a speech, they’ll quit because their edge will be gone.

I know people who were so anxious speaking before others they shook or couldn’t get the words out. They learned the skills, overcame their fears, and are now comfortable making presentations.

How much of a modern-day writer’s success needs to be tied up in public speaking? What sorts of public speaking should a writer be doing?

How many books do they want to sell? Do they have a message that will benefit others? Will people grow from what God has placed on their hearts to share?

Often book signings are unsuccessful, but if you provide entertainment or information your sales can improve.

Non-fiction writers tend to have a topic they can expound on in a presentation. What about fiction writers? In this class we’ll study your fiction and find a theme or message you can develop.

There are many places authors can speak gratis with the opportunity to sell books. In the workshop, we’ll discuss obtaining gigs and find ways to be paid for presentations.

Thank you for asking these thoughtful questions, Linda. Public Speaking for Writers will provide skills for anxious authors and professional tips for seasoned speakers. Everyone can improve for His glory.



Carol Hamilton is associated with National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, American Christian Fiction Writers, Mission to the World Disaster Response Ministry and others. In the Thursday-Saturday workshop “Public Speaking for Writers,” Carol will share practical ways to prepare and present an engaging talk for any audience. Click here to register.