Pray, promote, prepare

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Harry Bohrs sent this prayer list to fellow board members:

      In ten short weeks St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference will embark on a new chapter a new venture, a new approach. The time for hoping for success must now be put into prayer for success. This week pray:

      • Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the Lord’s leadership and guidance.
      • Lift up the leaders who have, and continue, to work hard: Amy Mable and Jim Watkins.
      • Pray for the board members, that is pray for each other, as we take to our assigned duties and tasks.
      • Pray that God will sustain each and everyone who works, attends, or serves the conference.

Thanks, Harry! And thanks to each of you. Promote the conference by inviting your friends in person and on your social networks. Pray that God will use the conference for his glory. And prepare for God to use the conference to equip you to effectively and creatively share the good news!

I can’t wait!

Jim Watkins
Program director