What St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference Means To Me – Charlotte Snead

Time after time at each year’s conference, we hear conferees remark on how much they love St. Davids and what it means to them. This year, we’ve asked several past conferees to share what St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference means to them. Our first is from our friend, Charlotte Snead.

One thing goes on my next year’s calendar when I get the next year hung: St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference—by far my favorite writers conference. It’s intimate (editors and agents sit at your table, among us). They are friendly and approachable—not the least condescending. You make contacts and friends from year to year! Classes are inevitably stimulating and productive—I’m publishing my first children’s book this year (thanks, Michelle Medlock Adams!). I’ve learned everything from marketing to blogging. It is a kick in the butt—perhaps I should say “an encouragement”—but you know all our ideas have to be put to paper and submitted. We bounce off one another and offer support and go home to “get ‘er done.” Thanks, everyone. Come on—we’ll hold your hand.

And it is fun. I laugh so hard at St. Davids. The auction is a hoot!

If you want to take the next step in your career—or first step—it’s not too late for you. I won a third place at my first conference and I published my first book at age 69. Now I have 6 published books and two more in the pipeline. Don’t be intimidated. Take that first step and join us. It’s not expensive; it’s an investment!

See you there.
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