The importance of brand, platform, social network

When I originally started reviewing manuscripts for Wesleyan Publishing House, I skipped the proposal and went straight to the sample chapter. I was most interested in good writing.

Now that I’m associate acquisitions editor, I go straight to the section in the proposal titled “Platform.” If you don’t have a well-trafficked website or blog, if you’re not out regularly speaking, if you don’t have a thousand or more “friends” on Facebook, I have to reject it.

As a editor, who is first and foremost a writer, I absolutely hate that. But I do understand that, with the current economic climate, your “brand,” “platform” and “social network” are also absolutely essential for your book to sell.

That’s why St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference is devoting an hour each afternoon for a panel of experts to answer your questions about these three essential elements of your writing career. You can do this and we’ll show you how.

It’s just one of the many ways that I believe that St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference is one of the most unique, cutting edge conferences in the United States. So, join us Wednesday June 24 through Sunday June 28. And if you can’t attend the entire conference, we have a one-day session Saturday, June 27, that will take you from concept to contract.

I can’t wait! I hope to see you there! Register today.

Jim Watkins
Program director